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“Up on Robinson’s Railway”

Acrylic on Canvas

17″ x 22″

This is the latest painting in the “Varnamtown: An Aging Live” series.  Robinson’s Railway is in essence a  dry dock where repairs and maintenance to the boats in this area of the coast  can be performed. Rail tracks have been installed at the landing and the cradle is lowered into the water.  The boat is floated in and a large diesel engine attached to the cradle pulls the boat up onto landing to be worked on.

While I was in Varnamtown last week a rather large 30 year old boat was up on the railway.  It looked to have been neglected for quiet a while and the damage to the hull was extensive.  These people have just bought the boat and are working hard to make her seaworthy again!!!  I love seeing this kind of passion for preserving  these old boats.


We are coming to the end of the Rocket Hub funding for the Varnamtown project!!!  It is time once again for my NPR pitch….. No gift is to small and it goes to help make it possible to complete the project.  We are at 31% of goal so your help is needed.  

Remember that sponsoring the project is TAX DEDUCTIBLE and every little bit helps.  We are helping to save a history for our children and grand children as well as educating others about the importance of NC wild caught fish!!!

I want to say thank you so much to the great people that have supported the project so far.  You really are helping to capture the memories of an important and fragile life style.

Share the project!!!

The only way  for the project to be seen is if you to share it.  Facebook, Email, Twitter Morris Code or Pony Express…. it all helps!!!! 

On the water with Chan-Dana and High Rider

This is a brief 60 seconds out on the water with these two Varnamtown boats while they are dragging there nets on The Bar off the coast near South Port.

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