Varnamtown News #9

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Lockwood Folly Mist

Lockwood Folly MistIt was a cool October morning and fall was in the air and the mist had not yet burned off the mash. Jim White was Captain and I mate for a day of photos on the water in and around Varnamtown.  That trip has spawned several painting for the Varnamtown project including “High Rider (Coming Home)” and this, my latest, “Lockwood Folly Mist”  This is painting #11 in the “Varnamtown: An Aging Life” project.  The view here is looking downriver at the Varnamtown landing.  The larger boats, “High Rider” and “Chan-Dan” were already on the water shrimping by this time. We had gone buy the landing to get some shots before we went out on the the bar at Southport where they were. What a great day!  I have already had a great response and several prints have been sold.

The online store is now open for businesses 

I have been working on this for quiet a while but there always seemed to be something else to add before I could call it ready to post.  Well There is most likely  many things still left to do but I think I need to go ahead to release it.  If  you see anything that needs to be tweaked please send me a note.  I will NOT take offence as my desire is to make it an enjoyable experience.  I am still working on information notes for each painting and will add as I finish them.

Traveling next week

I will be painting in Varnamtown Thursday and Friday the 25th and 26th.  The plan is to be out painting as early as possible to beat the heat then to find shade and a coffee shop for iced americanos to cool off.  If anyone is in the Oak Island, Southport or Sunset Beach area at thet time let me know and maybe we can get coffee or a drink.

Fish to Fork

Last Saturday I was able to attend a great dinner, catered by Durham’s on “Saltbox Seafood”,  a lecture and discussion panel dealing with the plight of seafood in NC as well as the States as a whole.  Did you know The US controls more ocean than any other country on earth.  And yet, more than 85% of the seafood we eat is imported. WHY???

Paul Greenberg was the speaker.  He talked about the reasons behind statistics.  Very very interesting and very much affects us. He has a new book out dealing  with the problem.  It’s a good read

American Catch

“Greenberg’s latest book, American Catch: The Fight for Our Local Seafood, makes the case for why Americans should eat more American seafood and explains how American fisheries are sustainably managed.”

Brunswick catch was represented and  Jon Hagg from Hagg and Son Seafood of Oak Island represented well on the discussion panel.

I want to give a plug for them.  If you are on Oak Island they are a great place to stop for seafood and cooking sundries to embellish all our NC wild caught fish.


I will bring more news and photos of next weeks trip when I get back.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads

See you then


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