Down East: A Cultural Heritage

Down East: A Cultural Heritage

The coastal plain of North Carolina has a rich
history – one of teeming vessels and bustling
docks. For decades, family-owned fishing boats
have served their communities; a pillar of local

But times are changing, and the once busy
docks are growing silent. After generations of
service, boats are coming into port for the final
time, nets, and rigging are boxed up or sold off.
Fish houses and Markets are closing their doors.
North Carolina is not just losing small businesses,
we are losing a vital part of the history of our
coast, and our source of sustainable local

I’m Tony Alderman a North Carolina artist with a passion for our coast. I’ve worked in this area for decades, and through my past projects (such as Varnamtown: An Aging Life) I have gained an affinity with the water, the people, the heritage and culture of the Carolina coast. “I've always been driven to create culturally oriented work and I think the stories of North Carolina’s Down East are worth telling. From hidden whispers of a quiet cove, or the places around it: the towns, the people, and the buildings so full of history.

My way of telling stories is through my art. Over the coming years I'll be using that art to tell the stories of this area, capturing in real-time the change in both nature and culture.

As we go through this period of great change and realignment, these snapshots of time and place can remind us where we come from, and inform where we go.

I’m documenting a disappearing community in all its beauty and honesty, preserving it in picture, so that future generations may continue to value and learn from the past.
You can be a part of that preservation

I have started this Patreon to create
awareness, as well as provide support
for Down East: A Cultural Heritage

Becoming a Patron will give you special insight
into my artistic process, and a chance to see
this project grow in real-time. 

This is also a unique opportunity to follow a
community as it undergoes great change. My
hope is that this process will deepen and enrich
our understanding of the lives on the coast and
how their existence affects all of us.

Investing in this journey will help cement the
legacy of the communities that make our state a
great place to live.

There are different tiers for different interests,
and all the support will go towards making this
project the best it can be.

We cannot go forward without recognizing our
past and that means taking the time to
document it.